Selina Kray - In Wild Lemon Groves

Selina Kray - In Wild Lemon Groves

Selina Kray - In Wild Lemon Groves

Título: In Wild Lemon Groves

El autor: Selina Kray

Publicado: 24.05.2008

Género: Literatura

ISBN: 9780995992535

Tamaño: 4.70MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

In Wild Lemon Groves por Selina Kray

A telltale knock on a quiet winter night is a sound no husband wants to hear.Sé,bastien Osaki has spent the past three years surviving the loss of his beloved Henry. When Seb lands in Amalfi, Italy, for their would-have-been tenth-anniversary trip, he&rsquo,s haunted by the memory of the man he loved. Following Henry&rsquo,s notebook leads him to some breathtaking coastal views but also right back to his despair. Seb&rsquo,s there to get his groove back, not let the past wrong-foot him at every turn.Enter Andrea Sorrentino, chauffeur, part-time pet whisperer, a Bernini statue in a soccer tee and tight shorts. From the moment Andrea picks Seb up from the airport, he knows just how to soothe Seb&rsquo,s case of the sulks. But Seb isn&rsquo,t sure he&rsquo,s ready for Mr. Right Now, let alone a potential Mr. Right, in a part of the world where all roads lead back to Henry.Can sun, sea, and eating your weight in pasta mend a tragedy-stricken heart? Will wine-soaked Amalfi nights and long walks through lemon groves work their magic on Seb&rsquo,s wounded soul? Or will he slink back into the shell of his grief once his grand Italian adventure is over?_,