The Strange Woman

 - The Strange Woman

The Strange Woman

Título: The Strange Woman

Editor: Babelcube Inc.

Publicado: 22.05.2008

Género: Juvenil

ISBN: 9781507148624

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Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

The Strange Woman

Legends, superstitions, and mysteries set the stage in Vallée Fleurie, a small town situated between mountains and forests.A simple breeze caused unexplainable sensations. The flight of a butterfly could change the course of history. Envy, hate, ambition and family conflicts are at the center of the events.Lydia, a skeptical person must try to interpret premonitory dreams and confusing messages from a subtle, yet disturbing, presence.Flirting with the supernatural. Differentiating the illusory from the real, trying not to lose one’s sanity.An agnostic, rational person has to deal with apparitions and dark dreams of different realities to protect her daughter from the curse which stalks her family.In the words of the protagonist:“A question still echoes in my mind. How did I survive without losing my sanity?”